Dancing Windows

Dance Proms dancers become live mannequins in Capezio’s flagship store

Kim Catrall ‘loves’ Capezio and Dance Proms’ London homage to her 1987 film Mannequin

Dancewear retailer Capezio held a unique event to attract passers-by and customers into its shop last Saturday. The event, Dancing Windows, was held to launch Dance Proms 2014 – an annual international youth dance showcase at the Royal Albert Hall on Sunday 2 November 2014 for which Capezio is the major sponsor.

The shop window was brought to life by over 30 young dancers who joined Sky TV’s Got to Dance winner Lukas McFarlane to become dancing mannequins for the day, surprising passers-by and resulting in crowds gathering outside the shop. The performances offered a glimpse of some of the dance styles which will be performed at Dance Proms this year.

Sex and the City’s Kim Cattrall took to Twitter to show her support for Dance Proms’ Dancing Windows launch party too – The star of the 1987 film Mannequin tweeted a picture of the ‘living mannequin’s, simply saying ‘LOVE!’.